What to do

Porto da Cruz is a picturesque small Village located on the northeast cost of Madeira island, belonging to Machico council. Its name has its origins in a cross (Cruz) that was once placed by the explorers on the bay used at the time as a port (Porto).

Within the main attractions of this charming Village is the old sugar cane factory, named Companhia dos Engenhos do Norte, a working rum distillery still operating as it was when it started in 1927. Here you can peek inside to look at its giant wooden barrels used to store the aguardente liqueur. This sugarcane brandy can be tasted at any bar in the village and it’s far more palatable when tasted as part of the Island’s most famous cocktail, Poncha, mixed with honey and lemon juice.

Porto da Cruz is also famous for its wine. Known as Vinho Seco Americano (dry red wine made of a type of grape called Americana), this local product is the theme for a celebration usually happening in September called Festa da Uva.

Still within the alcohol beverage production theme, you can now visit the newly opened Engenho Velho Museum, displaying antique machinery collection and allowing the opportunity to taste regional beverages.

Not to be missed is also Penha d’Águia, an imposing mountain that separates Porto da Cruz from Faial. Getting up there might be a challenge, as the path is very steep, but once you reach the top you’ll know it was worth it. The view is breathtaking!

In the summer one can make use of the great seawater swimming pool right on the seafront, which becomes very popular once the temperatures rises.

Due to its geographical location, Porto da Cruz is the perfect place to explorer Madeira’s famous Levada Walks or our most recent nature sport success, Trail running, from which the MIUT (Madeira Island Ultra Trail) and our Porto da Cruz Natura events stand out.

Plenty to see and do. Visit us!